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Alicia was born in Perú very close to the beach in a city surrounded by an urban vibe.
She moved to Colorado seeking a new adventure without knowing that this gorgeous mountains will never let her go.

Alicia enjoys snowboarding, hiking and creating jewelry. She is a self taught artist.

Through the years her heart was filled with happiness and life treasures... The truth is she never let go her spicy peruvian spirit. During a period of soul searching, SPICYHEART was born. It reminds her of who she is, where she comes from and the way she wants to project her world. "No matter where you are just be yourself, be your own wild flower" as she says.

Since ancient times, woman (or man) hold tokens to express who they are or to remind them of the path they are walking in this life or past lives.... Each piece of SPICYHEART jewelry is very unique and tries to connect with your personal story and your own journey.

{ Feel and attract whatever moves your soul <><><> Turn your dreams into visions }

Nature is a great source of her inspiration. Alicia feels very drawn to ancient cultures and bohemian style which are captured in her designs, keeping its organic essence.

There is a constant search for new techniques and materials in her jewelry. Always keeping a vintage vibe and empowering the warrior woman inside you.

Perhaps, if you ever encounter her you will understand why hers is a SPICYHEART!


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